Sunday, June 15, 2008

Revival of my Numismatic Interest

Few months back, a senior person joined my office; in the welcome message, his profile was also circulated to the entire team by my RM. I found something interesting in that brief profile. It was none other than one of his hobbies, Numismatics, the study of Coins and Currencies.

As soon as I got an opportunity to meet him and had a conversation with him and I started enquiring about his Numismatics. When he mentioned that his collections are worth of around 2 lakh Indian Rupees, I was surprised. Immediately I was also reminded of my own collection of coins. Unlike my new friend, I was not having any currencies, but only coins, that too in small numbers. But this conversation kindled me to revive the hobby of Numismatics.

That week end, I went and started digging out my chest of drawers and started consolidating my coin collections. I had my childhood collection of say around 50 coins, which I got from my father. I have also travelled to many countries and retained many coins without any intentions. When I started consolidating, the numbers grew around 250 and the sources varied from India, USA, UK, France, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and not to the least, Sudan too. I also started collecting some coins from my own network as well as from the market. I am still in the nascent stage of my Numismatics.

My forthcoming posts would address more and more articles in this subject. Of course with some interesting pictures too.

- Simulation

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