Saturday, August 22, 2009

Madras Quiz-01

Yesterday (22nd Aug) Chennai that is Madras celebrated its 370th birthday. Week-long celebrations as part of the "Madras Week" is coming to an end by today.

I participated in a Heritage Walk into St.George Fort last Sunday. Yesterday it was the lecture of Dr.Chitra Madhavan on four popular Temples of Chennai at Rain Tree. Today I will be participating in the much awaited Madras Quiz. Many quiz lovers are eagar to particpate in this event.

My 2 cents for the Madras Quiz which focuses on the etymology of names of localities in Chennai.

1. Saidapet - Syed Khan Pettai - named after Syed Sha (Sayyid Musalman Sahib) a high ranking official of court of Nawab.

2. Avadi - AVADI is an acronym which goeslike this. Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India.

3. Aminjikkarai - Amaindha Karai - A delta formed from the deposition of sediment carried by riven Coovam.

4. Perambur - Place where Perabu/Ratan/cane/ florished.

5. Porur - Place where fierce battles (Por) have been held during Pallava times.

6. Velachery - Veda Shreni - Abode of Vedas

7. Egmore - named after near by Elumbur river

8. Chetpet - Chettiar Pettai - could not recollect the name of the Chettiar

9. Teynampet - Thennam Pettai - place where Coconut (thennam) groves were there.

10. Royapuram - Royappar Puram - Town of Peter - Royappan is the Tamil equivalent of Peter

Please add more, if you want...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Walk inside the Fort St. George

Yesterday I participated in a Heritage walk inside St.George Fort organized as part of Madras Week celebrations.

View of St.George Fort and India's tallest flag mast

Vincent Desouza and Dr.Suresh guiding the tour
One of the canons of the fort
No one could explain this. Is it a Sivalinga?
York Street within the fort campus
Seagate Street
View of the St.Mary's Church. This is where Robert Clive got married.
Clive House, where Robert Clive lived.
Proof of Clive's living.
Multi-storied building in a place of Archelogical importance!
Me, before the cupola.

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