Saturday, August 22, 2009

Madras Quiz-01

Yesterday (22nd Aug) Chennai that is Madras celebrated its 370th birthday. Week-long celebrations as part of the "Madras Week" is coming to an end by today.

I participated in a Heritage Walk into St.George Fort last Sunday. Yesterday it was the lecture of Dr.Chitra Madhavan on four popular Temples of Chennai at Rain Tree. Today I will be participating in the much awaited Madras Quiz. Many quiz lovers are eagar to particpate in this event.

My 2 cents for the Madras Quiz which focuses on the etymology of names of localities in Chennai.

1. Saidapet - Syed Khan Pettai - named after Syed Sha (Sayyid Musalman Sahib) a high ranking official of court of Nawab.

2. Avadi - AVADI is an acronym which goeslike this. Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India.

3. Aminjikkarai - Amaindha Karai - A delta formed from the deposition of sediment carried by riven Coovam.

4. Perambur - Place where Perabu/Ratan/cane/ florished.

5. Porur - Place where fierce battles (Por) have been held during Pallava times.

6. Velachery - Veda Shreni - Abode of Vedas

7. Egmore - named after near by Elumbur river

8. Chetpet - Chettiar Pettai - could not recollect the name of the Chettiar

9. Teynampet - Thennam Pettai - place where Coconut (thennam) groves were there.

10. Royapuram - Royappar Puram - Town of Peter - Royappan is the Tamil equivalent of Peter

Please add more, if you want...

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