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Swaraksharm is another dimension of Carnatic Music. If you closely observe the word "Swaraksharam", it is a combination of 2 words namely Swaram and Aksharam.
Every one of us are aware that the Sapthasawaras Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni are the basic notes for any raga. Aksharam is nothing but the meaning words of a compostion. If the composer is able to coin the Aksharam with the help of Swaras, it is nothing but Swaraksharam. This is a delightful jugglery of words.

Thirvarur Ramasami Pillai composed the poular song "Jagadheeswari, Kribai puri..." in Mohana raga. The composer has played with the Dhaivahdam (Dha) in several aksharms of the following lines.

"THArukkuthavi seyyum aduTHAarukuthavi seyyum THAi unaivida verulaTHA?
THAmadhaminri vedhapuri THAsanukkurundhan enbathariTHA? PeriTHA? varam THA?"

GNB has also used Swaraksharam in "SADHAPAlaya". Another example for Swaraksharam would be in the phrase "PADHASAroja" of the Navaragamaliga Varnam. "SAMAGAna Lola" in Hindholam and another "SAMAGAna" in Anandha Bhairavi are further examples of Swaraksharam.

Swaraksharm is also beautifully used by te Tamil Film world. It find a place in the movie "Agathiyar". The song "Vendriduven. Endha Naattaiyum Naathaththaal Venriduven" has couple of words like "Manitha. Padhaka Mnitha, Sagasama" aptly embedded with Swaraksharms. Mastero Ilayaraja has nicely used Swaraksharm in "Enna Samayalo" in the movie
"Unnal Mudiyum Thambi" If you wish to hear the song and identify the Swaraksharsm, please visit:-


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