Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dr.Padma Subramanian's Lecdem on Influence of Tanjore Big Temple

What would happen to the workmen when they try to remove several feet of piled of bat excreta (Vavvaal Puzukkai) accumulated over a period of around 1000 years? Some of them fainted. Some of them even blood vomited due to the gas release, while removing the cakes of excreta. But their hard work paid dividends to the dance lovers. After few months of cleaning, beautiful sculptures of dancing Siva were found on the walls of Tanjore Big Temple.

Dr.Padma Subramanian was explaining her personal experiences while demonstrating on “The influence of Tanjore Big Temple on Dance” at Music Academy on 21st Dec (9-10 am).

She also mentioned that an unknown passage was accidently discovered by one Balakrishnan, an employee of Archeological Survey of India (ASI), while removing some weeds in the Vimana of the temple in 1956, which finally led to the discovery of 81dance sculptures. The then ASI Joint Director-General T.N. Ramachandran, identified the sculptures as 81 of the 101 Karanas portrayed in the Natya Sastra.

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